Due to high demand Spicy Plums will be replacing Winter Spice in our NICEBOX. Sorry for any inconvenience, if you prefer an alternative please let us know in the comment section when ordering

So we are discontinuing the majority of our original scents and replacing them with new ones for 2021. We are open for suggestions but we have a good idea for what type we are wanting. we managed to get our mitts on some ginger bread oil, that costed an arm and a leg- but it’s to continue the original NICEBOX without changing the scents. We are looking forward to releasing our new scents, meaning we will be holding a sale for our current bars until our stock is gone! So keep your eyes peeled for that lovelies.

It’s that time of year!🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄

As Christmas is approaching fast, our Christmas collection was released early and we have had a fantastic response from you all.

Our NAUGHTY and NICE boxes are still available and we’ve introduced new scents this year, such as winter spice and gingerbread.

We’ve had a huge demand for Christmas scents this year, so we’ve delivered! Maybe we’ve went a bit overboard but there’s a total of 14 Christmas scents that have been released! 4 in each box and the remaining 6 sold separately.



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