Due to National Lockdown and Brexit, supplies are not being shipped as normal. This is having a significant impact on Wax Official, as our regular suppliers are either furloughed or no longer operating. As a result we are unable to find a reliable supplier and currently not making stock, don't worry we don't expect products to run out and be 'out of stock'! If this does happen, we will move to Plan B....


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Finally, the smoky glass burners are back.

Buy a wax burner for only £12, you can add 2 snap bars from our store with the burner for only £15!!!

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Just to reiterate this is the plan:- orders will be taken until the 25th of each month and posted out for you to receive them by the 1st of the following month. The boxes will contain 3 random snap bars from our collection and a exclusive snap bar which will only be available in the monthly box.

The box will only cost your £10...wait for it...with free delivery. It must be noted however that if other products are ordered at the same time as the monthly box the delivery cost will be added!

To keep things simple for us, we suggest you order the monthly box separately, that way if you're also buying other wax melts you will receive these orders sooner, rather than having to wait until after the 25th...hope all this makes sense, if not please send us a message!

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